August 20, 2022

We often hear how creativity is important and that we should all spend time every day being creative. Having a hobby is always praised and creative people are always admired. But nobody tells us why it is important to be creative and how that can better our lives. Today I will try to give you some reasons why you should try and be more creative in all aspects of your life and hopefully inspire you to do so. 

Better ideas 

When we think of creativity, we usually think of creating something, right? For example, if you are painting you are making a piece of art, or if you are playing music you are making amazing melodies. But creativity is so much more than just making something. When you practice creativity it will also show in how you think and what ideas you have. This can result in you having better ideas in your workplace and potentially a promotion after some time. People always value great ideas. 


When you practise creativity, you start to look at the world differently. For example, the way a banker may look at the world is completely different than the way an artist will, even though they are looking at the same thing. When you bring more creativity into your life your perspective of things around you will change as well and you might experience some improvement in your problem-solving skills. We are often having trouble thinking of a solution to a problem because we are looking at it just from one point of view. Change in perspective and a little bit of creativity go a long way when you are facing everyday problems. 

Being more interesting 

Whenever I meet a person who has a hobby or something they are very passionate about, I immediately like them more. There is just something so interesting about people who are creative and who like to spend their time doing creative things. Personally, I like to surround myself with those kinds of people and draw inspiration from them. Being creative can make you one of these people that are liked in society. 

Reducing stress 

When you are, for example, writing or drawing, you have the perfect opportunity to de-stress. When you are completely focused on a task and there is nothing disturbing your peace, you will find that your mind is slowly relaxing from everyday worries. This is also a great time for introspection as you will start thinking about many different things when you are spending time alone and not on social media. 

New skills 

Learning a hobby often means learning a new skill, whether that be photography, art, music, or whatever else you can think of. That skill is not useful only in the moment when you are creating your art but translates to other areas of your life as well. You can use your new skills wherever you are and you never know when they might come in handy.