August 20, 2022

When a person is buying a car, they are probably browsing the used cars selection rather than going straight to new cars. There are many reasons for this, but used cars also come with some safety concerns. Should you worry yourself with these concerns or are you perfectly fine driving a used car? Let’s dissect this. 

Why do people choose used cars?

You might be wondering since used cars come with certain risks, why would people even choose them? Well, the first and obvious reason is the price tag. Used cars are much cheaper than brand new ones, and for some people, it is the only thing they can afford. A new car is a serious investment these days so it makes sense that people would go for cheaper options. Besides the price of the car itself, the insurance is usually a lot cheaper for older cars, so you save some money there as well. Lastly, new drivers often opt for used cars since there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are an inexperienced driver. Better to scratch an old car than a new, expensive one, right? 

Safety concerns

Not a lot of safety features 

Depending on how old the used car is, it might not have a lot of safety features that new cars have, and that is pretty important when you are on the road. Car accidents happen no matter how much experience you have as a driver since the accident does not depend solely on your driving skills but on other people on the road as well. Therefore having a functioning air-bag and a car with good stability is a must, and sadly some old cars do not have that. 

Mechanical issues

Every car has mechanical issues at some point, but used cars are more prone to these issues simply because the machinery is older. This means that you might have to visit the mechanic more than you would like to, not to mention inconveniences or even accidents that could happen when these issues arise while driving. 

Getting scammed 

The thing is, if you are not very knowledgeable about cars, the seller of a used car can easily trick you into buying something that is not worth your money. Not only that but since you do not know the full history of the car you are buying, you won’t know about any potential risks and issues you could have with it.

Say for example that the car had been in a serious accident before you bought it and it had been fixed enough to look good. This could be a serious safety problem if the damage has not been fixed correctly.