August 20, 2022

Most people have a few genres of music they enjoy and they rarely branch out to other types of music. Moreover, there are some people who absolutely hate certain genres and stick to only what they know. I wanted to talk about that today and give you some reasons why you should be listening to all genres, or at least, more genres than you already do. Nobody expects you to listen to ALL genres since that would be virtually impossible to do, but stepping out of your comfort zone with some genres that are not in your usual repertoire will be enough. 


Did you know that people who listen to many different kinds of music actually have different brains than others? That’s what scientists say at least. Basically, being bimusical (that is the official scientific term, I didn’t make it up) means that you can easily switch between genres that produce different emotions in you and make you think about different things. This translates into our everyday life as being able to multitask. It is similar to being able to speak different languages. This would be a reason enough for me to start listening to different music since multitasking is what I love to do but I’m not that good at it. 

Being more interesting 

People who listen to different kinds of music, know different artists and songs are simply more interesting than those who stay in their own lane. When you are familiar with a whole repertoire of genres and various songs, you will be able to surprise people around you and come off as an interesting individual. Not only that but it can also help you with making new friends and meeting new people since music is always something we can all bond over. 

Being less judgemental 

Even though music is meant to be enjoyed and people are supposed to share their love for it amongst each other, it is also a reason for hate, unfortunately. How many times have we seen judgemental comments and prejudice towards people who listen to rock or punk? Or towards people who listen to pop music which, in some people’s opinions, should not be considered “real” music at all? All of this is simply ridiculous and we can all do without judgement over something so simple as different music genres. When you listen to different music, you will be less inclined to make these kinds of comments and have these kinds of thoughts towards others. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone with music genres can also push you to step out of your comfort zone in many different areas of your life. Living inside of a safe bubble can be nice but it won’t push you to grow as an individual and experience more things in life.