April 12th - VHR 2015 Edition is ready for download. VHR 2015 promises to be the best racing version to date, with newly updated tracks with multiple racing grooves will provide an awesome side by side racing experience. Also for 2015 all of the Sprint Cup paint schemes where updated and new teams formed in the off season are there. On the Camping World truck series side of things new models for Chevy, Ford and Toyota are in present and ready to be taken out on the track for some fun racing.

On the physic's side of things will see new tire physic's for the big three VHR mod's, also the physic's and Sprint Cup engines have been updated to reflect the new 2015 rules package brought out by Nascar in the off season.

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VisionRacer VR3 - Created in 2006, SimRoom designs and installs immersive experiences. We are from high tech working careers. We have built and driven real race cars. Flown real aircraft. We test world leading technology, understand how it works then integrate with products we manufacture. We stand by our products 100%. We are adamant personal client service still counts. Hence, SimRoom has successfully delivered product solutions to over 1200 clients in 45+ countries. We believe in “better by design” so spend a lot of time on merging function with style. Your investment, deserves thought, to its presentation. Our immersive experiences are for displaying and sharing with friends or clients, not hiding.
VHR 2015 1.0 - Various improvements have gone in to the mod including multiple racing grooves added and new Camping World truck models along with all of the 2015 Sprint Cup paint schemes. 
VHR Template Package - Grab the 2015 version of the VHR template package.
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