October 7th 2014 - Work still continues after a long layoff with pc issues. Next update to the 2014 mod will be released very soon. Tire testing has gone really well, tracks are receiving updates to the terrain files to give them more "life". Along with an updated car set and maybe new truck models.

I am working on the tracks that need some tweaks or some additions such as bumps / track objects and texture updates. In addition there are plans to release a 2015 mod for rFactor. Focus will then shift towards rFactor 2 or another platform to move VHR to, more info in the coming weeks in regards to that matter.

- 1.1 Complete change / Update log can be read - HERE
Virtual Racing Experience - The VRE Racing team is made up of Rusty, son Dillon and his wife of 20 years Connie. Rusty was in the automotive industry for 21 years, and also has a passion for Racing Simulation. The idea was to build a Stock car simulator like no other, and travel around the united states to share the racing experience with those who want to experience the thrill of stock car racing. It was very important to Rusty to make the experience as real as possible. Many man hours were put into making this simulator as close to the real thing as possible. VRE Racing is committed to serving its customers with the highest level of excellence no matter how big or small the event is. - Virtual Racing Experience
VHR 2014 1.0 - Various improvements have gone in to the mod including a new drafting package for SS and SW tracks, updated Cup shock package.
1.1 Update - Various changes and updated to bring the racing to even a higher level then before.
VHR Template Package - Grab the latest version of the VHR template package.
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